Why It Pays to Prioritize Wireless Device and Application Performance

By Jack Mulligan, Partner, Provision Networks

The real measure of success for any wireless network comes down to the performance (aka “health”) of every wireless device and application running on it. In an ideal world, you would be able to measure that performance and, in cases where it’s lacking, have a predictor of any upcoming failures so you can take proactive measure to prevent them. You would also have a true picture of performance in specific areas of your facilities where deployments of new devices or applications are planned; for example, in locations where electronic health record (EHR) use is expected to increase or where there is currently less-than-optimal Voice over Wi-Fi performance.

Wi-Fi SymbolWith Provision Networks, you can make wireless device and application performance the top priority it should be today. We are the only organization offering wireless network assessments that drill down to the performance of each wireless client application and device. This level of inspection provides you with up-to-date and predictive values that allow you to accurately determine the quality of your network based on the single most critical indicator: wireless device and application performance. Our in-depth assessment also delivers the data you need to increase and optimize the airtime utilization of your network by a factor of 2X – 3X, without adding more wireless access points.*

*Based on prior client findings. Individual results may vary.








Why Prioritize Performance NowConnection

Wireless networks in high-value settings such as hospitals, automated warehouses and nuclear power facilities are being pushed to their limits daily. Even “up” networks are straining under the weight of new devices, Voice over Wi-Fi and, in the case of hospitals, increased use of EHR. All of these factors are creating substantial new challenges for IT departments as they struggle to meet demands for greater efficiency, operational excellence and ongoing innovation.







Why Provision Networks

Given these challenges, how can you deliver the robust and reliable wireless infrastructure demanded by your organization’s leadership and wide-ranging stakeholders? At Provision Networks, we believe the answer is clear: Prioritize wireless device and application performance.

InterfaceTo put this client-first methodology into action, we’ve created an innovative new solution called HealthyRF™. Currently in late-stage development, HealthyRF™ is an IoT, software-based, electronic monitoring system. It is the only product that provides WLAN health assessment based on the performance of wireless devices and applications in real time, 24/7/365.

This unique system provides proactive alerts that allow you to detect and proactively address deficiencies before reaching a full signal loss. It also presents historical profiles of the RF environment for more effective and efficient troubleshooting.






If you’re ready to prioritize wireless device and application performance at your organization, we invite you to set up a no-obligation assessment of a subset of your facility to evaluate the health of your wireless devices and applications. Just visit http://provisionnetworks.net/survey/.

If you’d like more information about HealthyRF™ or want to volunteer your facility as a beta test site, please visit http://provisionnetworks.net/healthyrf/. You can also contact me directly if you have any questions.

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