Our Clients

Healthcare WLAN Site Assessment and Evaluation

The most reliable method for designing a robust and ubiquitous wireless LAN is to start with a detailed understanding of the applications the network will support and the environment where they must be supported. Provision’s exclusive process provides an unmatched level of detail in the documentation, analysis, and remediation recommendations in your survey.

Provision Networks takes a client first approach to WLAN design:

  • We identify the range of client devices and applications that will connect to the wireless LAN
  • We compare the requirements of each application to define the overall network requirements
  • Our RF engineers will visit your location to analyze signal propagation within your unique facility
  • The network requirements and site details are then consolidated to produce a network design that is specific
    to your facility, applications and client devices the network will support
  • The final step in a wireless project is to fine tune the RF environment, baseline the optimal state of the network, and validate
    that applications are performing as expected