industry specializations

Our customers have come to trust us as an extension of their staff

Provision Networks consistently delivers creative and cost effective solutions into enterprise IT infrastructure by gaining a deep understanding of our
customer’s business models and applying technology solutions that address key business challenges.


From Telemedicine to integrated Healthcare Information Systems a robust infrastructure capable of supporting the density and bandwidth requirements of these applications is a necessity.

Provision Networks specializes in:

  • Identifying wireless network inefficiencies that cause practitioner frustration and improve patient response times
  • Implementing the latest mobility solutions to provide real-time alerts and status updates for nurses and doctors
  • Validating existing networks to ensure that new technology will be compatible prior to being deployed
  • Overcoming harsh RF environments to provide a secure, seamless and consistent Wi-Fi experience


Hospitality & Gaming

Often the single biggest complaint on social media about hospitality and gaming venues is the quality of their guest wireless network. Provision Networks helps hospitality and gaming operators deploy robust wireless networks while strategically sourcing the underlying telecommunications service to deliver secure, reliable, cost-effective internet access.

We help our clients to:

  • Encourage repeat visits by high-value business guests by providing a robust guest WiFi solution
  • Secure sensitive guest data from wired, wireless, and mobile threats
  • Integrate the latest mobile technology into the guest experience
  • Enable real-time communication and alerts between front of house and back of house
  • Cost-effectively design and implement local and global voice, video, and data networks

Oil, Gas & Mining

Investing in IT infrastructure allows oil, gas, and mining companies to better utilize their human capital by streamlining the collection of field data and making it actionable. Provision Networks helps by connecting their assets in the field with the intellectual capital at the corporate office.

We help our customers to:

  • Streamline their supply chain by gaining real time end-to-end visibility into their people, equipment and resources
  • Reduce operational costs by providing robust connectivity to remote well heads and dig sites using microwave and wireless mesh technology
  • Extend the expertise of the front office to the field utilizing unified communication and collaboration solutions
  • Increase uptime by automating the inspection and monitoring of well heads, pipelines and downstream facilities