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Wireless Solutions

A great wireless experience starts with a well-designed wireless network

Provision Networks wirelessly connects business applications to their people, places and technology in nearly every type of environment. From the nurse’s VoWiFi phone in a bustling hospital to the Wireless Mesh connection on the largest mining equipment, enterprises have come to rely on Provision Networks’ engineers to design, install and maintain their wireless networks. Enterprises continue to invest in new technology that speed the flow of data and expedite decision making.  Advancements in applications require robust and reliable wireless infrastructure to function properly.  Provision Networks takes a client-first methodology in our wireless practice. We first identify the type, variety, and density of the expected client device; evaluate the physical environment; and lastly combine those two data sets to identify the network requirements that will provide connectivity for the most demanding client devices.  These requirements are then modeled out to recommend the appropriate hardware solution and the installation design that supports your applications in your unique environment.  The explosion of connected devices has made a reliable wireless environment a requirement for nearly every business.

  • “Provision delivers results, and they never stop bringing new ideas to the table about how to optimize our telecom spend and capabilities for the evolving needs of our businesses. We have transformed our long haul network and wireless capabilities by leveraging their expertise in MPLS, wireless and telephony on a global basis.”
    George Hines, Chief Information Officer
  • "Provision came highly recommended and we selected them to be our strategic partner in this large internal [cost savings] initiative. Not only is Provision able to execute on daily telecom tasks with ease and organization, they also provide sound and dependable insight into other cost savings opportunities we had not even identified."
    Tim Richards, Senior VP, Everi Payments Inc.
  • “Provision is a key partner to our organization.  Their team is made up not only of first-class professionals but also good people who you can partner with to get things done.”
    George Hines, Chief Information Officer
  • “Since switching to Provision Networks, we have decreased our costs and increased our support more than being direct with any of the national carriers. The personal touch does matter.”
    Ann Hightower, Director of Operations, Tx:Team Rehab, Inc.
  • "Provision supported us in completing five separate, large-scale telecom projects and we reduced our telecom expenses by 25%! We have continued our relationship and now have a far more efficient (and automated) system of tracking and reporting on our telecom expenses."
    Tim Richards, Senior VP, Everi Payments Inc.

what we offer

Full business solutions


Provision monitors the performance of your network in your dynamic environment to ensure that applications are performing optimally for clients.


WiFi technology penetrates nearly every industry to speed access to data and decision making in the modern workplace.

Site Assessment

A site assessment is critical to a proper network design. By combining the physical characteristics of your building with the RF profiles of your clients devices, our engineers deliver a reliable robust network design capable of supporting your technology within your specific environment.

Optimization & Remediation

Existing networks are often poorly suited to keep up with the demands from new technology. Our engineers can help to optimize the existing environments to provide short term relief while also providing a step by step remediation plan to move your network forward and alleviate outstanding issues.


Provides for reliable wireless and data communications in facilities that do not have an existing 802.11 WiFi network or where WiFi spectrum is too cluttered for reliable communication.

Mesh Wireless

Mesh technology wirelessly extends your network beyond the reach of physical cables and provides access anywhere.

  • “I take pride in helping our customers solve their most frustrating and complex problems by leveraging our network of industry contacts.”
    - Gina Reinhart, VP of Customer Experience
  • “The transformation of how information is delivered, evaluated and acted upon presents challenges and inspires solutions.”
    - Dwayne Knott, Director of Technical Services
  • “We live our core values and deliver the highest level of services on a daily basis with the best interest of our our clients in mind!”
    - Daniel Oliver, Field Technician

Let’s Work Together

We work as a single and unified team alongside our clients to deliver the highest quality network solutions possible. Contact us for questions or if you are interested in a free services demo.