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Though sounds more like an oxymoron, Ethical hacking nowadays is actually a demanding career. Ethical hackers are hired by the companies to help them determine the potential threats on their network, which then get fixed to achieve more secure systems. An ethical hacker seeks to determine any weak point in the system by attempting to bypass system security. This information is then used by the organization to fix those weak areas which may otherwise get exploited by the malicious hackers. It also helps in improving the system security and to minimize or totally eliminate any potential attacks.

Initially, ethical hacking received its own share of criticism. People considered hacking malicious and termed the hackers as cyber criminals. But gradually, as ethical hacking started showing its results by improving the organizational security systems, people started opening up to it. And presently, it is considered as one of the most prestigious job role in Information technology industry.

However, becoming an ethical hacker is not a kid’s play. It is important to determine if one is really interested in the role of a hacker. If you find yourself the one who loves to trespass in secured areas sitting with your laptop and only for a good cause, then Ethical Hacking is the place for you.

The individuals interested in ethical hacking can work towards a certification to become a Certified Ethical Hacker, or CEH. CEH Certification is now being offered in Mumbai.

CEH Certification and Recertification

CEH Certification can be achieved by taking the CEH examination post attending a formal at an ATC (Accredited Training Center) or by self-study. However, candidates opting for self-study much possess at least two years of relevant information security work experience. The most recent version of the CEH is V9 that uses EC-Council’s exam 312-50. The exam has 125 multiple-choice questions, a 4-hour time limit, and requires at least a score of 70% to pass.

Ethical Hacking is place where one has to continually update and upgrade oneself, such that the standard is maintained. And to ensure that, EC-Council Continuing Education (ECE) has laid the rules of recertifying the members after regular intervals. The professionals are required to prove themselves time to time in front ECE to avoid revocation of certification. The CEH designation holders must recertify themselves every three years for a minimum of 120 credits.

Why pursue a course in Ethical Hacking?

Formal training is essential in every part of our career. Yes, people like to choose their career path according to their interest. But some of us often end up in a career which is not likely to match our temperament. And even if we follow a career path of our choice, we have to keep on performing and bettering ourselves in this highly competitive world. And to sharpen and brighten our skills, formal training is of utmost importance.

The same holds true for Ethical hacking as well. Job of an ethical hacker requires utmost skill and qualifications which can be achieved through a formal course in Ethical hacking done from the best institute. Also the course when done from the best training institute in Mumbai adds reliability and the candidates often get hired by the reputed companies almost immediately.

Therefore to make it to your dream job, pursue a course in Ethical hacking from the best institutes in Mumbai and become a CEH certified Ethical hacker.

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