Philips introduces AI platform for healthcare

Amsterdam-based healthcare technology giant Royal Philips has introduced HealthSuite Insights.

The package includes technologies to support the adoption of analytics and artificial intelligence in healthcare. It also offers tools and technologies to build, maintain, deploy and scale AI technology, according to the company.

Phillips executives said Insights Marketplace, for instance, curates artificial intelligence technology from Philips and others. AI-based work can help improve patient outcomes and care efficiency, but it can also be time consuming and expensive.

To streamline the process, Philips said the suite can ease logistical challenges of deploying AI in research and clinical areas by accelerating development and reducing costs.

"The quality of your AI is only as good as the quality of the data you feed into it," Jeroen Tas, chief innovation and strategy officer at Philips, said in a statement.

HealthSuite Insights was designed for doctors, clinicians and hospital managers – people who work with patient data every day, he added.

The platform makes it possible to bring all relevant patient information together and employ AI to support precision diagnosis, personalized therapy, early intervention and also greater hospital efficiency.

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